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Lesson 99, April 9

Salvation is my only function here.

This lesson tells us that salvation and forgiveness mean the same thing, and are necessary when something has gone wrong.

Salvation and forgiveness are what we use to release all illusions. It is how we can shine a light to remove the darkness from all the images in the world that appear before us.

Conflict is what has happened to create these false images of illusion.

Illusions appear to be our reality, though in truth illusions can never be real.

Minds that believe in illusions are minds that have become separate from God.

These minds need a peaceful way to undo all of these illusions, for darkness is not God’s will.

Regardless of the form that any illusion takes, we need but realize that it is not God’s will and recognize salvation as our only function here.

Our strength and freedom can be found in recognizing this.

God has never wished for us to have pain of any kind.

God did not create the world.

Forgive ourselves for thinking it could ever have been true that God wished the world of pain for us.

Let the notion enter our minds that God’s will has never been for us to suffer, and then ask for a replacement for all the mistaken beliefs and dark shadows that we find in our minds.

God does not will obstacles for us.

We need no longer believe this suffering, hopelessness, and distress are meant for us or are the truth.

Let in God’s light to shine brightly on the hidden secrets, obstacles, shadows, loss, grief, and painful sufferings that we have long-endured.

Ask that these dark thoughts be brought out of the darkness and into the light of awareness to meet in God’s mind so they can be replaced by His love light.

Let His light shine on the illusions we have made into form.

Ask to know what we need to learn in order to let all of our fears and doubts be removed and released, so that we may know ourselves as the love that we already are.

The love that we already are can have no opposite.

Ask to be released from and forgiven for all mistaken thoughts that appear to be the opposite of the love that we already are.

Recognize that we have created all forms of illusions that we perceive.

Realize that no appearance, whatever form it takes, can survive the power of words that speak truth.

“Appearances cannot withstand the truth these mighty words contain.”

God does not want any form of pain, grief, conflict, or loss for us. It is not His will.

Ask the Holy Spirit to look with us together at each instance of darkness we find.

The Holy Spirit is always at our side, ready to help us side with God and good. We need but bring with us our willingness.

Ask to be forgiven for the illusions that we have made.

Forgiveness and salvation are one.

God’s only will is that our minds be one with His.

We can never lose what God has given us.

We are always and forever at peace, whole, complete, and one.

We desire and deserve only God’s loving presence to be ours in every moment.

The way to experience this is to know that salvation and forgiveness is our only function here, enabling us to know the truth beyond any image that we see.

What is not God’s will cannot exist.

God’s changeless and infinite love is our refuge. His voice, represented by the Holy Spirit is our one guide back to our Father’s home, that highest place where Nothing is Real but God’s love and light.

We are all of us innocent and worthy, deserving of all love and goodness.

Shine God’s love light on any darkness, by extending the love that we are on to all.

From this highest point of our home in God, we can Now Rest and Relax in God’s peaceful presence.

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