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Lesson 138, May 18

Heaven is the decision I must make.

Nothing unlike God can exist, but Heaven is a choice we make because we have chosen to mistakenly believe in the separate reality of the ego.

There is no hell except the hell that we have created in our minds, and the hell that we have experienced in each day when we have made the choice to reject the peace of God.

Heaven is a choice we make only because we have already chosen hell.

Hell is the choice we have made against Heaven believing, instead that those mistaken beliefs in our minds are having real effects that appear to be endangering our bodies and our lives.

In truth, only God exists. There can be no opposite, no matter how much our denial of Heaven appears real for us.

What we appear to see before our eyes is our rejection of God’s love and peace. It was our decision to believe in limitation. We shut out God and made illusions real, yet still they are no truer than the limitation that lives only in our minds.

Now we bring our mistaken decisions to the Holy Spirit who asks no more of us than to merely lay them down, looking together with the Holy Spirit, and deciding now for God, instead.

Decide we want the peace of God above all else.

Decide we want nothing but Heaven.

We ask for help in making no decisions on our own, but simply waiting for our guidance to be revealed.

We choose Heaven.

We choose forgiveness.

Let us once again ask for correction as we look together at all before us that is unlike God.

Heaven is the decision we must make again and again until the deep sleep of habitually choosing hell has worn off.

Heaven is the decision we must make to reveal the unconscious decisions we once made against Heaven.

Holy Spirit, look with us to bring those hellish choices back into the awareness of our minds, that together we can lay down another piece of the wall that has buried a part of our Selves alive.

Now, in full consciousness, we make the decision for Heaven again.

Let us ask the Holy Spirit for the truth of love and light to be returned to the awareness of our minds.

Heaven is the decision we must make because Heaven is the only thing we can ever want.

Heaven is the decision we must make.

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