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Lesson 155, June 4

I will step back and let Him lead the way.

This is what all of our work in A Course in Miracles has been training us to do.

God is our one constant companion. We happily take His Hand, walking together, letting Him lead us on our journey home.

We walk home to lead our brothers home with us.

We will make no decisions by ourselves, but we will be in the habit of keeping ourselves out of the way so we can listen in stillness and confidence for God’s guidance directing us on what to do and say next.

Why would we want to make any decision on our own when we can walk with our Father, who offers us comfort every step of the way?

We now recognize that choosing the ego, the thinking mind, as our guide results in a life that doesn’t work.

Stepping aside and back, however, does seem to take practice and patience on our part. In reality, though, it takes no time at all.

God has been waiting for us to become willing, receptive, and open to the truth without illusions.

We need but learn to make a habit to trust that whatever we feel moved to say or do is the right thing to say or do.

The results are not for us to judge because, remember, we don’t know what anything is for.

We go to the Holy Spirit with our questions, but leave behind all of our expectations, worries, and judgments.

We also let go of the endless distractions and diversions that pull our energy off the track or trap our energy in the denseness of time and space.

Our minds remain empty, our bodies remain a clear channel for communicating with God.

Holy Spirit, inspire us TM (this moment) on what to do and say in this hour.

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