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Lesson 222, August 10

God is with me. I live and move in Him.

Now Rest in God’s peaceful presence.

The life within us is God’s life.

God is our source, our home, the thinker in our minds, the director of our actions.

God protects and cares for us in every moment. His love for us sustains us.

This lesson is asking us to spend quiet time in the experience of this love.

Hus love is what we experience in our hearts, an experience that always delivers us beyond all words.

The more we can feel this love without the static noise of the ego’s interference (our own self-hatred and ideas of worthlessness), the more we will live in the open-hearted awakened state that A Course in Miracles is guiding us towards.

We are moving from living in the world to living in God.

Our experience in the world will then be a reflection of this state of total forgiveness, gratitude, and unconditional love.

To get to this state of peace, however, we do have to go through a process of purification in which repressed feelings and subconscious thoughts arise from our long-ago buried past.

It can feel terrifying to go through this but remember to simply honor and experience this buried material as it surfaces without ever interacting with it or allowing it to control us.

Above all else, remember to allow the thoughts and feelings to move through us to complete the process that was left unfinished in the past.

Give all that surfaces to the Holy Spirit for correction and transformation.

Forgiveness is our best healing tool, which, ultimately we use to forgive ourselves for believing that we could ever have been separate from our Father.

We are an extension of God’s, therefore all of His qualities and attributes are ours.

All that our Father is and has is ours.

We are an instrument, a channel, for His love, light, and peace to move through our purified and cleansed channel, for the purpose of extending His love, light, and peace to the world.

God is with us. We live and move in Him.

Now Rest in God’s peaceful presence.

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