Lesson 188, July 7

The peace of God is shining in me now.

Recognize that the peace of God’s love and light are here now. If we are having trouble experiencing God’s qualities it is only because we have, at some level, accepted a different choice.

Ask to see it differently.

Recognize that the love and light are here now.

The presence of God can never leave us.

It is we, who must stop covering our eyes so that we can see the light.

Heaven is here and now, and does not require us to do anything but does ask us to undo our thoughts that are blocking the light and love.

Release from our minds all of the small-mindedness and darkness that we can see as a reflection in our world, mirroring back to us the contents of our minds.

We are either projecting the light of the Holy Spirit, or, we are projecting the darkness of the ego.

Keep noticing in every hour what is being projected, and when we see shadows, ask to see them differently.

Ask with peace and never in anger or with guilt.

Keep choosing the peace of God over the tyranny of the ego.

The peace of God exists here and now in our minds and will overflow from our hearts the more we choose the peace of God that is already extending from us.

The peace of God is an inner glow that shines brighter and wider the more that we bring our attention to saying no to the lack and limitation that the ego has made real, and instead, say yes to the peace of God that is already available bur being blocked by our thoughts denying its reality.

This inner glow is our inner vision that recognizes only the reality of God’s peaceful presence of love, light, and laughter.

Love and light shines forth from each of us now, extending outwards to all of our brothers.

Tune in to the flow of this current that is blessing everyone. Strengthen it with our attention, acceptance, and recognition of it.

Let this energy emanate from our hearts outwards to bless and caress all that appears before our eyes.

Holy Spirit, restore to our memory the love and light that is God’s gift of sight.

We Now, Rest in God’s peaceful presence.