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Lesson 195, July 14

Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

Gratitude is what works to heal any situation without ever needing to change the situation itself.

Gratitude is a high frequency of energy, in alignment with light, love, laughter, and spirit.

Each time we express gratitude we raise our frequency to a higher state.

When we walk with loving gratitude in our hearts we feel complete, fulfilled, and happy because love unites us, bringing us together.

Love harmonizes and brings together any feelings of separation that we might be experiencing due to the judgmental thoughts that have been intruding in our minds.

To compare is to separate, whereas Love is what unites.

When we look at our brothers with envy and jealousy we are imprisoning ourselves because mind is all that is real, not what is outside of the mind.

Comparing ourselves with another is the mindless reaction that keeps the truth about who we are hidden.

Comparison is but a judgment that closes our hearts and keeps us joined to the ego and believing in the lie of separation.

Comparison feels shameful and secretive, causing us to always think about feeling less than or greater than, in a never ending cycle of dissatisfaction and lack of appreciation.

The truth is that the mind of God is the oneness we share.

There is no one and nothing else outside of the mind.

Separation doesn’t exist.

When we recognize that what we think we see in our brothers is in truth aspects of ourselves that we have denied, then we can be grateful to our brothers for being a mirror showing us the truth about ourselves.

We can be grateful for our enemies because the truth is that is who we are—we are what we are projecting.

Give thanks for loss, pain, lack, illness, etc. because none of it exists in truth!

Where once we reacted with habitual anger, express the joy of gratitude for every single thing that happens from now on. Let gratitude be our one response regardless of the situation.

In gratitude we are coming from the heart, where we can meet with our Father and walk hand in hand with Him.

Gratitude is what we now intend to use to replace all of our insane perceptions of the ego.

Let us express our happy gratitude now for the oneness that we share with each other, seeing all of us together walking hand in hand with our Father.

Holy Spirit, help me to become aware of the constant comparisons that churn in my mind. With each thought of judgment comes the belief that I’m not okay or that I am okay or back to I’m not okay to I am okay and on and on the merry go round goes round and round ad nauseam.

The cycle never ends.

But I am willing to break the cycle of these ups and downs today.

I am willing to live in the truth of my oneness, completeness, and wholeness.

God, I am grateful for my oneness with You, with my brothers, and with all that is.

And in my gratitude for the all I am grateful to the parts.

I am willing to walk hand in hand with my Father in the heart space of gratitude.

“Only appreciation is an appropriate response to your brother. Gratitude is due him for both his loving thoughts and his appeals for help, for both are capable of bringing love into your awareness if you perceive them truly.” (T-12.I.6:1-2)

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