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Lesson 160, June 9

I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.

We are all searching for something in the world.

This world, however, is not our home, because the world is nothingness, a creation of the fears we project.

No one in the world is doing anything to us because we are doing it all to ourselves.

The lesson is telling us that we are trapped in illusions of our own making.

We can tell it is an illusion because if we are feeling pain then we know that we are following our own will rather than God’s will, our fears instead of the love that we are.

The notion of home is meant to bring us a sense of safety, security, connection, peace, comfort, and belonging.

On the other hand, fear brings us a sense of being without a home, without any connection to anyone or anything, feeling like an outsider who feels separate, anxious, unwanted, lost, and alone.

Are we identified with love or with fear?

If the second state of fear is what we normally feel, then we have become so identified with our ego as to allow fear to take over our entire identity.

It has become our home, our zone of comfort.

Our True Self has been driven underground.

Our authentic identity has become estranged.

We have become so identified with our fear that we find it difficult to detach from the fear.

When we are identified with fear, we become strangers to ourselves.

When we can begin to detach from our fear, we can begin to once again identify with our True authentic, innocent Self.

This self includes all others as well since there is no one outside of ourselves, and all that we really see is ourselves.

“All I see is me.”

We can only see as God does when we are willing to see all others as innocent, as ourselves.

We need a new habit in which we recognize that fear is not real but is a stranger in the home of our minds and hearts.

Go forward now with detachment from fear.

Stop accepting fear.

Fear is a stranger.

Fear is a mistaken belief.

God, correct my mind of all separation thoughts. Guide me to right-minded thinking. In every moment today, let me see everything through the Christ vision.

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