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Lesson 41, February 10

God goes with me wherever I go.

Today’s lesson begins with the statement that it overcomes every sense of sorrow, loss, fear, loneliness, and abandonment the separated ones experience.

The lesson states that the consequences of separation are depression, worry, helplessness, suffering, and misery.

Cures have been invented by these victims, the separated ones yet no they don’t question the validity of the problem.

Effects cannot be cured for a problem that is not real. We suffer out of allegiance to a problem that doesn’t exist.

“Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world.”

Source goes with us wherever we go, thus we can never suffer or be alone, deprived, and victimized.

There is no world outside of us.

We suffer only from the mistaken belief in separation.

If God is with us wherever we go then how can we lose our peace of mind?

The lesson goes on to say that a dark and heavy cloud of disbelief obscures this truth from our vision.

This lesson is truly paradigm changing, yet we can also find great strength and comfort in how the lesson also acknowledges our deepest sense of disbelief.

We are encouraged to learn that it is possible for us to contact God because it is the most natural thing in the world.

The way to reach God will open, if we believe it is possible. ********

The way is to sink past the clutter of darkness and clouds of images and appearances to the deep place within us where the safety, security, and peace of the Presence of God is, our true natural state, our True Home.

In this Presence, His Presence, are all ideas of separation and form dissolved.

Only the Presence of Love is real, and is everywhere present in all moments.

My only function is to practice this Presence of Love.

Ask for help in correcting our mistaken belief in separation. We are a victim only of our own erroneous thoughts.

The illusory images I see in the world are only a consequence of this faulty belief.

The illusions are not real, therefore we must not react to them.

They are meaningless effects of our meaningless and erroneous thoughts.

Sink past the pictures of sadness, pain, poverty, and powerlessness.

We make more illusions if we react to them!!!


Move your attention in the other direction, off of pain-provoking effects to the deepest depths down and inside you, to where the Presence has been hiding.

When we accept our perfection and our Oneness with God, then will our vision be clear, free of the time and space that keeps us chained to the world and to the effects of separation.

Finally, the lesson ends by telling us that we can now afford to laugh at our fear thoughts.

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