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Lesson 78, March 19

Let miracles replace all grievances.

This lesson points out that in every moment we are choosing between a grievance and the miracle that the grievance conceals.

Every grievance we carry creates a block in our vision that blinds us with its darkness.

With every grievance we close down our awareness, letting our fields of love and vision narrow so only a small trickle can flow through into our awareness.

By getting into the habit of releasing dark thoughts, angers, and hatreds the light within us can shine brightly so that we can once again behold the miracles that we are entitled to.

This lesson is showing us how to recognize that the purpose of a grievance is to make the decision to not love or accept some person and/or aspect of ourselves. By rejecting an aspect of ourselves we are simultaneously rejecting God by replacing God with our limited and powerless ego.

In this lesson, we are asked to engage in a practice that will allow us to release our grievances so that we can see everyone, from any person to our worst enemy differently.

Choose one person with whom we have many grievances and who we look upon as an enemy, to be the one in whom God’s Son will be revealed to us.

This person is no less than our savior. Let us assign the role of savior with which to view this person from this day forward.

Begin the practice by first considering all of the grievances, flaws, expectations, behaviors, and images that we hold against this person.

Then, ask God to see this person differently, as our brightly shining savior, the one whom we will join with to lead us to the light.

This person is our savior because he or she is helping us to remember the truth by showing us a reflection of something we have refused to accept within ourselves, some aspect of ourselves we have disowned and have refused to love or accept.

In fact, every moment of our lives is showing us a projection of an image that holds an opportunity for us to reopen and expand the fields of love and vision that closed down with our judgmental thoughts.

Every person that we meet or anyone from our past can play the role of our savior.

The light already exists in these people, as it does in every person. Our grievances hide this light.

We now free this person by asking to be shown the light in him or her that was formerly hidden by our grievances.

The light that we see in him or her will free us both.

Our function is to forgive this person, by looking past all in him or her that irritates us so that we may accept the joyful Oneness that we both share.

Our function is to remember the truth and to ignore all appearances of what is not the truth.

Our function is to experience the love that flows through, in, and around us, unobstructed by thoughts and images of separation or how things “should be” that we have unknowingly idolized instead of accepting how things are as the pure energy of light and love.

We are never the images and judgments that we have assigned to ourselves and others.

We are not our bodies or behaviors.

We are not our stories or personalities.

Light and love waits in every person for its release.

We have the power to release the light and love in anyone. We can choose to see everyone play the role of our friend and savior in our minds by giving us an opportunity to forgive them, and thus allowing the Holy Spirit to be expressed.

We thank our saviors for allowing us to practice saving the world by using our power to release their light and love whenever we notice any temptation to hold a grievance against anyone or anything, but ignore the grievance instead and allow miracles to replace it in our minds.

In our minds is a vision of faith in our brother’s true identity which is released to both of us as we call it forth through our function of forgiveness.

Our brother’s gratitude for our forgiveness teaches us the truth about ourselves— that the upliftment and salvation we gave to our brother originated from within our own salvation.

We empower our own selves as we let miracles now replace all grievances.

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