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Lesson 187, July 6

I bless the world because I bless myself.

There is no loss, because giving something away can only increase what we have given.

Before we can give something away we must first have possession of it in our minds and hearts.

Giving is proof of having, for we cannot give what we don’t have, therefore, give with the joy of knowing we can only receive and never lose.

And when we give we give only to ourselves for there is no one and nothing else out there.

All material things are manifestations of mental thoughts.

The universe responds to all of our thoughts by out-picturing these thoughts in our world.

We have in our material world what we have accepted in our minds.

What we accept is what we have.

If we don’t want it, stop accepting it!

Refuse to accept illusions and they will fall away and dissolve back into nothingness due to our lack of acceptance.

If we are afraid to give or afraid our supply will decrease, we are holding on to thoughts that accept ideas of limitation.

When we are in fear we are vibrating with low and slow energy, therefore the flow of energy in and out of our lives is minimal.

The energy of love, on the other hand, will give us a higher vibration, and therefore the flow of energy in and out of our lives will increase.

Only our beliefs in and acceptance of the illusions of lack, loss, and limitation are what keeps them in our experience.

Refuse to accept beliefs of lack, loss, or limitation.

Recognize illusions for what they are —a belief in nothingness —and as we do, they must disappear.

This day, Holy Spirit, show me who and what to give to.

And as we bless the world we will bless ourselves.

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