Lesson 105, April 15

God’s peace and joy are mine.

When we are not experiencing peace and joy, it is always because we are not extending the peace and joy of God that are already ours.

We cannot experience the peace and joy that is already ours, however, until we are willing to first give these gifts away to everyone without exception. This is giving as God gives.

Our work is to accept these gifts that already belong to us.

Receive what is ours so that we may give it away.

What we give away increases for there is no such thing as loss.

God’s gifts are meant to be given away.

We give so that we can experience that giving and receiving are the same.

While the ego perceives giving as loss, or that giving means fear because we will have less, the truth is that we give to extend our Selves.

To give so that we can extend to our brothers the Sonship in God that we both share results in us receiving even more than we had before we gave it away.

It is in accepting and sharing what God has given us that the full circle of God is completed and more of His gifts are created.

We receive God’s gifts by giving them away for that is how we go full circle in creating and completing ourselves.

To serve this completion, today’s lesson asks us to think of our enemies, one by one, offering peace and joy to each one.

The peace and joy that we offer to them is the peace and joy that will be ours.

When there were people in the past or present to whom we refused to give peace and love, what resulted was that we were withholding peace and love from each of them as well as from ourselves.

There is no one outside of us, so if we fail to offer peace or love to a brother, who but ourselves can we be withholding from?

Ask for help today in releasing the blocks that hold us back from giving as God gives, so that we can be in the habit of extending our joy and peace to everyone around us.

When a brother is upset with us, we can experience God’s peace and joy by keeping our minds and hearts open to let God’s peace and joy flow out to him.

Who has your mind and heart been closed to? Who have you been withholding peace and love from?

Open your minds and hearts today and allow love to flow out to everyone without conditions.

This day and every day, practice extending peace, joy, and love out to everyone.

Say to everyone, “My brother, peace and joy I offer you.”

Then let God’s peace and joy flow in to us because His peace and joy are ours.