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Lesson 93, April 3

Light and joy and peace abide in me.

Similar to yesterday’s lesson, today’s lesson is showing us how to discern truth from illusion, how to differentiate what is real from what is not real.

Nothing is Real but God’s love and light.

Light, joy, and peace are real, and they abide in us.

What is real is that we are pure and holy.

Nothing else is real because God didn’t create anything else.

This is the truth about every one of us, however, many of us don’t always recognize the truth. More often than not, we have learned to see ourselves as being worthless, separate, and sinful.

Who among us does not harbor explicit or even unconscious guilt in the form of resentments, self-doubts, jealousies, unworthiness, and other blocks to the awareness of love’s presence?

But what God didn’t make does not exist, therefore, we cannot ever have been worthless, separate, or sinful. This erroneous image we hold on to is meaningless and nothing because it is not real.

False images are neither bad nor good, but are simply not real.

False ideas have no power and can never have any effect on God’s creation.

Release holding on to all of these false self images now.

Accept only that we are sinless, and that only light, joy, and peace abide in us.

We are as God created us and can never be whatever we have made of ourselves.

God’s light of love that we are is eternal and forever unchanged.

Unfortunately, in our minds we erroneously think that this has changed. We believe that we are not as God created us but that we are as our conditioning created us.

Had we not accepted this lie as the truth, A Course in Miracles probably would not require 365 lessons, many of which involve the act of repetition, to undo this false identity that we have become conditioned to accept about ourselves.

Today’s lesson is employing repetition so that we can attain a state of being in which we experience ourselves at our deepest core, in our innermost Self, as the Inner Glow, as seeing ourselves only as God created us, as holy, whole, loving, loved, and lovable.

Today, every hour, have the intention to deeply experience the light, joy, and peace that abide in us.

Make this a daily practice.

Allow this practice to strengthen our awareness and acceptance of what is real.

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