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Lesson 193, July 12

All things are lessons God would have me learn.

“All distress is unforgiveness.”

In order to see anything differently, all that is needed is our loving kindness, our forgiveness.

When we lack peace or are in pain, we are believing in a reality where what does not exist, illusions, are real.

When we are in pain, we have not yet learned the lessons God would have us learn.

The lesson that God would have us learn is that all pain, regardless of its form or whether it be physical or emotional, is a sign of repressed unforgiveness, a sign of our unwillingness to be loving or kind.

Regardless of what form the pain or discomfort takes, it is always an opportunity to offer loving kindness.

Forgiveness means the end of all temptation to imprison another with our unforgiveness, or, unwillingness to love.

We are tempted into believing illusions are real whenever we forget that the world which appears before us is no more than the nothingness of our projections.

God’s will is for laughter to replace all incorrect perceptions and troubling ideas in our minds, for there is nothing else but mind.

This lesson teaches us a right-minded way to look at all we see in order to undo our chains and free our trapped energy.

When we are tempted to join with terror, suffering, separation, grievances, past hurts, regrets, or resentments, we need to say, “I will forgive this and it will disappear.”

Then, ask the Holy Spirit for healing and correction.

N = Now I ask, Holy Spirit to help me see ______ differently
R = Responsibility is mine to respond with appreciation, and Receive (LISTEN) Your guidance
G = Gratefully, I Go with God’s Guidance

Do not spend another moment with our minds dwelling in the past or the future. Clear out the clutter of focusing on what was or may never be.

Time was made to focus our attention only on forgiveness.

Take this step, and God will do the rest.

Do not do this work without God’s help for on our own we merely succeed in changing the form of the pain, without allowing the Holy Spirit to release and transform it.

We cannot dissolve illusions.

The Holy Spirit will meet us where we are, bringing our illusions to God’s truth if we ask and invite Him to do so. The Holy Spirit will meet us if we invite and ask the Holy Spirit to take our hands and free us of the perceived burden that appear to be in our lives, or appear to keep us feeling stuck or victimized.

Always remember that all of our content is there by our own invitation.

Our content is a call for love, unity, and harmony to be present where it never was before.

Every illusion that appears before our eyes is an opportunity to use each hour to joun with the Holy Spirit and practice its release.

There is a lesson in every event and adversity if we but open our minds to learn it.

Practice making every hour an experience of purity where we release everyone and everything.

In every hour, I will forgive this pain or concern and it will disappear as I give it to the Holy Spirit.

I learn the lessons God would have me learn whenever I say, “I will forgive this and it will disappear.

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