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Lesson 112, April 22

(93) Light and joy and peace abide in me.
(94) I am as God created me.

We are communication channels that naturally radiate out the light, love, laughter, joy, and peace that we are to all other minds when our channels are clear and free of the false, dark, shadowy identity we have created.

When we accept darkness and form as the truth, we shut down our channels and become unable to receive all that is naturally ours and wanting to flow to us.

Our channel grows small, narrow, dark, and weak.

We forget how to shine, how to love, and how to laugh.

Our natural state of mind is that of light, love, laughter, joy, and peace. Only these qualities that we share with God are real.

These qualities of light, love, laughter, joy, and peace are already ours, but we can only experience this truth when we stop accepting the lie about darkness, conflict, and tension.

Truth never changes, but remains eternal.

We can know the truth only when we maintain a consistent focus on the truth. Where we focus our attention creates our life experience.

The frequency with which we practice these lessons is aimed at keeping our attention focused on the truth.

Keep practicing and repeating these lessons over and over until the lies grow dimmer and the light of truth grows stronger.

Keep repeating these lessons in your mind and out loud. We cannot speak these words too frequently.

As we grow stronger at recognizing the truth about ourselves, we are more able to accept the light, love, laughter, joy, and peace that we are.

And as we strengthen our ability to accept the truth about ourselves, we grow in our natural ability to deeply experience them and then share these qualities of God with the world.

We are the light, love, laughter, joy, and peace that God created us to be.

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