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Lesson 90, March 31

(79) Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.

(80) Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

(79) Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.

A Course in Miracles enables us to become aware of our power to recognize that the source of all of our problems, regardless of what form the problem takes, is in our minds.

This notion goes against what we have been conditioned to believe about our problems, which we have blamed the source up until now on everyone and everything outside of ourselves.

But have you ever noticed how problems never seem to have a solution? They usually drag on and on, and are always with us! Or, as one problem appears to resolve, another one quickly takes its place.

Our ego benefits when we occupy our time seeking solutions to problems yet never seem to find any lasting solutions to those problems.

The ego want us to believe that we are disempowered and helpless.

The ego wants us to believe our fears are real.

The truth, however, is that we are powerful, and we must but accept the power that we share with God.

Nothing is Real except God’s love and light.

Therefore, God did not create problems, or separation, which is what any problem is founded on.

Every problem is a creation of our ego used to imprison us, to keep us in a state of fear and apart from the truth of God, love, and light.

Every problem is an attack, a grievance, a judgment on ourselves and others.

Grievances separate us from the people, places, things, situations, and conditions that we hold the grievance against.

A grievance is an unloving thought we have created to hold on to in our minds.

Any unloving thought is one that is not accepting of what God created but instead is trying to replace what God created with the split mind of the ego.

Every grievance, attack, or judgment is an unforgiveness that contains a hidden miracle.

Thus, any grievance can reveal its hidden miracle.

One problem, one solution.

Let us have the willingness to recognize that all of our problems have now been solved and have all now dissolved.

We invite the solution to come to us by expressing forgiveness of the grievance.

This problem is now resolved.

There is no longer any need for fears, grievances, attacks, or judgments.

Nothing that the ego created was real nor can it have any real effects on us.

We are still as God created us.

Accept our Oneness with God, as Love and Light.

Being at peace, we now extend that peace wherever we are.

(80) Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

Let us be willing for the Holy Spirit to show us the grievance or unforgiveness in every problem.

Every grievance or unforgiveness is in truth a judgment against our own selves.

Ask to be shown the connection between the problem and forgiveness.

Our willingness is enough.

The problem and the solution are “simultaneous in their occurrence”.

God has brought the solution together with the problem because there is no such thing as separation.

Both the problem and the solution are outside of space and time because both the problem and the solution are in our minds, which is outside of time and space.

Therefore, all of our problems have already been solved.

We need not wait for anything to change because we can accept that the peace of resolution exists now, knowing it is already so.

The solution is already ours, if we but accept this as done, right now, here in this moment.

Accepting that the problem is resolved frees us from pointing fingers at the other person for refusing to end the conflict.

We are free to gratefully and gracefully accept the miracle right now instead.

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