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Lesson 104, April 14

I seek but what belongs to me in truth.

Happiness, joy, love, and peace belong to us because of who we are.

We can only realize these gifts from God when we stop idolizing the replacement goals our ego has put in their path.

We have replaced His gifts with our own meaningless, complicated, conflicting, and confusing goals.

While our minds are paying attention to our own small meaningless goals, there is little room for the priceless gifts of God’s joy and peace of mind that lay hidden and out of sight.

Focusing on own gifts and goals deny those that are our inheritance.

We can learn to recognize God’s gifts now simply by declaring our acceptance of them.

By choosing God’s gifts over our own we unite our will with His, recognizing the oneness that has always been.

In this declaration of unity comes the end of separation, the one and only problem we have ever had.

Honor our true Selves and our Father by accepting only what is His.

By the simple acceptance of what is already so, we heal the world as we naturally bring forth His simple gifts of joy and peace of mind.

Our joy and peacefulness is the greatest gift that we can offer to all those who come to us.

There is no greater healing balm than the joy and peace we receive from God that we then freely offer to everyone.

Ask now and often to recognize what has already been given us.

And It is done.

Now Rest in God’s love and peace of mind.

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