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Lesson 125, May 5

In quiet I receive God’s Word today.

The ego’s voice is the constant chatter we hear in and around us that drowns out the sound of the Presence by insisting on placing its attention on meaningless desires, pettiness, and separation.

Listening to the ego’s voice has never brought us joy, nor a life that works.

Only a still and quiet mind is able to hear God’s Words of Guidance that reveal his Plan for Peace.

We are told what to say, to whom, where to go, and what to do whenever we consistently ask for these directives. In the stillness we can tune in to receiving words, ideas, images, and feelings.

That is what lovingly leads us to God’s Plan to save the world.

The peacefulness of the Presence is already with us.

We can experience that Nothing is Real but God’s Presence when we recognize that none of the distractions that beg to hold our attention are real.

There is nothing we need to do but stop cherishing the illusions that appear to take us off track again and again.

What is it about lack and limitation that makes it so easy to have faith in a world of separation?

We can call upon this innate peaceful presence simply by tuning in to it and therefore away from the parade of unreal distractions.

Keep our attention focused solely on what is real, recognizing that all the rest is the nothingness of illusion and error.

Nothing is Real but Going to God’s Presence to connect to the stillness which we share with Him and our brothers.

“It is your voice to which you listen as He speaks to you. It is your word He speaks.”

There is no separation, a point that A Course in Miracles makes repeatedly throughout the book.

Is it so hard to grasp that our true identity is one we share with an all-powerful God as well as with our brothers?

We were created by God as an extension of Him so that we, in turn, may extend His love, light, and joyful laughter full circle to the world.

Accept with confident certainty that are not small, or unworthy, or a body, or alone, or without a purpose.

“Start each day by remembering Me as your Self.”

We are the energy of the Presence and it is this that we tune in to, to drown out the incessant noise of the ego’s world.

When we simply listen without doing or thinking or saying anything, we can tune in to this healing Presence of Love that is our natural state and is always waiting for us to accept and recognize and receive it.

As we recognize and return to the Presence that we are, the world of illusion no longer holds our attention and can dissolve back into its nothingness and non-existence.

Say no to following our faith in the ego.

Step on the brake of automatic reactivity.

Move away from the world and instead, tune in to the Presence that I am.

Feel nourished by this Presence.

The Presence is all we could ever want.

Now Recognize and Receive the only thing that is Real: God’s Presence that we are and share with Him and our brothers.

In quiet we receive God’s Word today.

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