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Lesson 8, January 8

My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.

“No one really sees anything. He sees only his thoughts projected outward.”

That is why I am only seeing the past when I look at the world.

The world is a projection of the thought in my mind, so all I am seeing are images that are being reflected from my mind.

What if in my mind I was thinking about how separate and alone I think I am, insecure and unworthy I feel. I would then be projecting images that confirmed feeling separate, alone, insecure and unworthy.

An untrained mind finds the notion of projection difficult to grasp. But A Course in Miracles is training our minds to recognize that these feelings and their corresponding thoughts are meaningless simply because they are not true. They are not without effect, however, and their effect is detrimental because meaningless thoughts are blocking the love that we are from our experience of being and having love.

We now begin to see where the real cause lies of the effects that we are experiencing. Cause is our thoughts and does not lie out in the world, with our parents, mates, workplaces, or with anyone else.

A quiet, loving mind is at peace, in acceptance of all, and recognizes the truth.

A fearful, busy, noisy mind, on the other hand is filled with terror, blame, and anger. It is constantly churning away to find solutions to the problems that the egoic mind has created to obscure the presence of love that would expose the end of the ego.

Let today’s lesson pave the way to the end of all problem based thinking. Just stop thinking about problems. Thinking about solutions is how the ego mind holds on to its problems. Just stop!

This is not a course in finding solutions.

This is A Course in Miracles.

“Your distorted perceptions produce a dense cover over miracle impulses, making it hard for them to reach your own awareness.” (T-1.VII.1.)

A miracle is a correction in perception.

We practice by bringing our thoughts and feelings about all that we see to the Holy Spirit, asking to see it differently, asking for a correction of what we are holding in mind, both conscious and subconscious.
We ask the Holy Spirit to bring to our conscious minds whatever lies buried within us that is causing some unwanted effect that we may be experiencing again and again. Ask that this pattern be released.

Ask so that our mind that is preoccupied with a density of past thoughts can once again recover love’s vision which sees everything either as love or as a call for love, and nothing else.

This is the quiet, loving mind that is my home and that I wish to return to. The peaceful, accepting state of being that recognizes the truth of who it is and therefore shines brightly to extend God’s Love Light on all.

This is a course in learning to stop looking for solutions, because where solutions are there must always be problems.

This is a course in finding miracles.

Miracles are always to be found in a mind that is not preoccupied with thoughtless ideas of nothingness.

Miracles are being communicated to us constantly but we can no longer hear them.

“Your distorted perceptions produce a dense cover over miracle impulses, making it hard for them to reach your own awareness.” (T-1.VII.1.)

There is no need to understand this lesson, remembering that understanding is the booby prize.

Simply doing each lesson is all that is required of us.

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