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Lesson 165, June 14

Let not my mind deny the Thought of God.

We deny the Thought of God when our attention is on the world we created with all of its temptations and distractions that we believe are real.

The world is not our home, however, thus we have been searching for the home of Heaven that we have never left.

If we ask with desire to experience the peace, love, and joy of Heaven that we want, then Heaven will be ours.

We already have Heaven and its peace, love, and joy, because we have never left God, however, we are in denial of this Truth.

We continue to reject Heaven in favor of worldly illusions of lack, limitation, and separation.

All forms of lack, limitation, and separation are a defense against God.

Our thoughts of misery, unhappiness, and wanting worldly things is a denial of Heaven and the Thought of God.

When all we want is Heaven once again, our desires to be separate will fall away.

We will always have what we most desire to have in our hearts.

If we are not yet experiencing Heaven it is that we are still choosing to experience the ego’s Hell.

Stop investing heartfelt desires in things of the world.

What more could we want in place of the awareness of God and His perfect peace, joy, and happiness?

Let us choose to stop denying Heaven.

But first, we must be willing to die to our accepted life of the ego and its illusory comforts, protections, and security.

God, Holy Spirit, we ask that the Thought of God now replace all of our mistaken beliefs and wrong-minded thinking.

Every hour, let us give thanks for what we have been given and let us ask in our heart of hearts to experience Heaven on Earth now.

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