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Lesson 101, April 11

God’s will for me is perfect happiness.

Sadness can have no more place in my heart.

Sadness and happiness cannot both be true.

We no longer need to accept any unhappy feelings, but instead we accept only happy feelings.

The body’s physical eyes cannot always see the light or joy that is the only truth.

We need to hold lightly whatever our physical eyes look upon.

Illusions of unhappiness can only be born from our own past mistaken beliefs that have kept the light of God hidden from our view.

If we are seeing grievances and attack then we are responsible for making real the ego’s dark dreams.

It is we who are doing it to ourselves.

We can stop at any time and instead, share the joyful peace and happiness that is God’s gift to us.

We need only bring any distressing thoughts to the Holy Spirit who will correct them at their source, which can only be in our minds.

Whatever is going on in our lives has its source in our minds.

Pain or punishment always begins with each of us, but we can just as easily lay them aside.

Without our attention, pain and sadness can no longer appear.

We can be willing to open our hearts and minds to the joy and happiness that is God’s will for us.

We can ask that every last image we hold onto that keeps us tied to the ego’s unreal thoughts be corrected and released from our minds.

We can ask for the willingness to release our resistance to being happy.

It is madness, isn’t it that we could conceive of rejecting God’s peace and happiness and, instead choose to accept the darkness and pain of separation from our Father?

This madness can disappear just like that in the accepting bright light of God’s flowing love shining away all our shadows.

Once again, today, we spend five minutes of every hour finding the joy that is our function.

God’s will for us is perfect happiness.

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