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Lesson 97, April 7

I am spirit.

We are not a body or a mind.

We are spirit.

The split mind is the lie.

The truth is that we are spirit.

The split mind that sees itself as a body is constantly concerned with protecting the body, dieting, nutrition, death, health, sickness, and so forth.

As spirit, we are the reflection of all of God’s qualities of being peaceful, loving, joyous, creative, accepting, energized, safe, whole, relaxed, at one, inspired, light, grateful, graceful, and free.

Repeatedly affirming, “I am spirit,” will allow us to let go of our conditioning of having a split mind.

For every minute that we give to remembering who we are as spirit, we receive back so much more as we participate in our part in helping to awaken the true Self in all people.

This lesson explains that each hourly five minute segment that we invest in practicing these lessons heals not only our own minds but all other minds as well because all minds are joined.

The time we invest in practicing these lessons will allow our closed minds to open so that error can be replaced by truth.

We need not correct the errors in our minds, but we need only have the willingness to bring our errors to the Holy Spirit who will make the corrections.

As our minds become quiet and empty of our ego thoughts, we become a channel through which God can be expressed to serve the greatest good of all.

We are spirit.

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