Lesson 177, June 26

God is but love and therefore so am I.
(163) There is no death. The Son of God is free.
God is but love and therefore so am I.
(164) Now are we one with Him Who is our Source.
God is but love and therefore so am I

We are now at one, united with God and all of our brothers.

There never was any separation other than the perception of disconnection and separation that we dreamed about in our minds.

Let us take a step back to detach from the false images of the self that we have created or dreamed up ourselves to be.

These images of doubt and fear have blocked the light and love from shining and extending our happiness on all that is.

Holy Spirit, release all these imaginary images created by our fear-based mistaken beliefs.

The problems that we think we have always have their source in our minds.

If we think we lack money or health or appreciation or value or worthiness or peace or words or companionship, it is only our thoughts and mistaken ideas about wanting these things and not accepting what we already have that causes us to THINK we lack something. The thought is what blocks the thing’s neutral energy from being received by us.

Nothing in the world can solve any of our problems because the cause is always in our minds, and therefore, the solution is always in our minds.

Nothing in the world has any value.

The only value that things have is inherent in the purposes that they are given by us to allow us to do things that do have value such as to communicate, express, share, learn, etc.

Focusing on finding the problem or the solution in the world only serves to expand the problem as well as to distract us from ever finding the solution.

We align with the ego and death when we think thoughts of fear, jealousy, anxiousness, worry, sadness, anger, distrust, struggle, strain, stress, the past, the body, or behavior.

Be joyful 24/7, no matter what, needing or lacking nothing.

We are as we have always been, forever changeless, connected, whole, complete, loved, safe, unlimited, happy, and free.

Holy Spirit, help us to know what we desire in our hearts, while helping us to let go of what we think we need or want yet does not serve us in any way.