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Lesson 137, May 17

When I am healed I am not healed alone.

The world of separation that we created must be undone for us to once again return to love.

In sickness we have made the choice to isolate and abandon truth.

Sickness only proves our faithful belief in separation, struggle, and the body.

We long to experience that all minds are joined and that the walls of protection that imprison our true selves can now dissolve back into the nothingness.

We ask to be healed this moment of our mistaken beliefs and mental errors.

It is our purpose to ask that our minds be healed so that we may bring healing to the world.

As the Holy Spirit heals each one of us, we recognize we have all been healed, whole, and joined as one.

The body is part of the dream that is only in our minds.

Correct my thoughts, Holy Spirit, that even for one second we could think we have separated from our loving Father.

Let us remember to use all sickness and illusion to recognize Your love and light that we have forgotten is the one and only reality.

Holy Spirit, help us to surrender our judgments about the past and the traumatic effects we believe have tortured our soul in each day of our lives.

Let us recognize that we don’t know what anything is for.

Help us to see differently the prison walls that have surrounded and isolated us.

Heal the sick, mistaken ideas in our minds that continue to prove over and over that we are weak, unworthy, and apart from our loving Father and happy brothers.

Help us to know the Oneness that we share.

Let our minds be healed that we may once again witness the flow of love and light through our minds and in our hearts.

As we sense the flow of love in and around us, let our eyes see our brothers everywhere as having healed with us.

Sickness cannot be true for what opposes God can never exist.

On this day let us accept that our brothers have all been healed.

When we are healed we are not healed alone.

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