Lesson 164, June 13

Now are we one with Him Who is our Source.

Today we practice to have a clear and open channel so that the Christ vision can make itself known to us.

Clear out our channel by letting go of everything that we think we want. Let go of all attachment and caring around each of the things, behaviors, and conditions that we think we want or need.

We have created all that we already have and want, both the pleasure and the pain, both the prosperity and the deprivation, both the exaltation and the unworthiness.

One by one list what we have and want and ask the Holy Spirit to help us detach from each one of these valueless forms, for they are all nothingness that have been born of our mistaken beliefs.

Form offers us nothing.

When we value form, we are blind to Christ’s vision.

When we value form, we see sin instead of innocence.

When we value form, we see dreams instead of reality.

We cannot have both.

There is nothing we are sacrificing; we are simply learning to recognize what has value and what does not have value, and to let go of the latter.

Release all of the attention that we place on form (conditions, behaviors, stuff, money, weight, etc.) so that our minds and channels can be open to receiving the Christ vision, which is the only thing that holds value.

The things we think we want and need are truly unsatisfying as compared with the worthiness of Christ’s vision.

Christ’s vision brings with it the healing and salvation of the world by getting us in touch with the place within us where God’s peace prevails, unaffected by the ups and downs of the world, and of our mistaken beliefs (both the same thing!).

Today’s practice will allow us to exchange all of our struggling and suffering to receive the fulfilling gift of God’s happiness and joy.

I need do nothing for I now rise vertically to be at one with my Source, (Atonement).

Let us practice being thankful today that we have been released from the struggle as a small, lonely, unworthy self.

Let us bless the world today and extend to it the peace and freedom that we have found.

Father, let me see Your Light, where I think I see only shadows.

Father, let me see Your Love, where I think I see only fear.

Father, let me see Your Laughter, where I think I see only pain.

Father, let me see Your Life, where I think I see only death.

Let me look upon all I see with Your vision, that I may in turn, be Your messenger who brings that vision to the world.

Thank You, Father, for all that I have received in this past hour.

Father, let me know what to do in this coming hour, thank You.