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Lesson 100, April 10

My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

God’s plan for salvation is to demonstrate His light in the darkness of the world by extending and therefore, magnifying His love with our smiling faces and the laughter in our voices.

Each one of us is an essential part in God’s plan because together we make up what is one connected greater whole.

Each one of us has the same function and plays the same part in God’s plan.

We are all united in being given the same purpose, each of us wanting the same happiness.

Knowing this, how, then, can we continue to see individuals as having differing agendas that are separate from our own?

How can we continue seeing others as the ones in need of change when it is but our own perception that is conceiving them as having goals that conflict with our own?

If we are feeling sad or unhappy, then we are not participating in His plan. Our unhappiness is a sign that we are living separate lives, following our own will, rather than His will.

If we are not participating in God’s plan then we are depriving our own Selves as well as the world of the joyful feelings that is our function.

God’s will for each of us is perfect happiness.

Our joy is a call to everyone to release all grief, sadness, despair, fear, anger, blame, confusion, judgment, attack, and criticism.

We are God’s messenger, endowed with a natural function of being at peace and filled with joy.

The part we play in God’s plan for salvation is simply to be happy.

We teach others simply by being what we are.

This love that we are naturally outflows its expressions of perfect happiness and laughter.

Together, our outflow magnifies God’s Love.

Connecting to others with our innate joy and peacefulness is how we fulfill our part in God’s plan for salvation.

Our effervescent joy and imperturbable peace are naturally contagious to others.

Our genuine happiness and smiling faces are all the evidence others, sent to us by Him, need to recognize their own joy and therefore play their own part in God’s plan for salvation.

If this is our function and we are to give it to all others, then we must already have it before we can give it away.

Today, we find the joy within that He has given us because that is His will for us.

Are we in the habit of demonstrating the gift of happiness that God has given to us?

We can answer this question by observing how we respond (or react) to the people, places, things, conditions, and situations that show up for us in our daily lives.

How do we respond to someone who appears to be attacking us in some way?

If we respond by attacking in return, this results in making the symptom of attack real, and thereby endowing this symptom with a power it does not have as well as enabling what is nothingness to expand.

When we attack what is not real, we are experiencing, expressing, and extending our superficial ego minds rather than the love that we are at our core.

Instead, we can begin to make it our habit to respond to attack of any kind with a purpose of healing what in truth is really fear and is therefore but a call for love, a call to find, accept, and express the happiness that we both share.

We meet this call for happiness with our own innate happiness, the gift from God He placed in both of us because that is His will as well as our function.

When we have first accepted happiness as God’s gift to us, our effortless demonstration of this happiness will naturally follow.

Our response to attack with peace and joy teaches the one attacking that any attack is based on a nothingness that does not exist.

What is in truth nothing is merely a distraction we can learn to ignore.

It is easy to ignore if we don’t have our ego minds invested in it.

Ignoring nothingness heals attack at its source rather than making real an unreal symptom of attack.

How do we respond to a brother who is filled with grief, sadness, or despair?

Just as we respond to attack, with our peaceful joy, so as to not make what is unreal the false truth.

“We will not let ourselves be sad today. For if we do, we fail to take the part that is essential to God’s plan, as well as to our vision.”

We are God’s messenger, in all moments healed, whole, complete, happy, and at peace.

The love, light, and laughter that we are is a steady, unchanging stream of God’s energy flowing through us.

Experiencing this flow of energy allows us to be used as a communication channel, for God’s highest purpose, in helpful service to the needs of our brothers.

If joy and laughter are difficult to find, what thought or decision is in the way?

If not peace and happiness, what then is the message you are sending forth?

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