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Lesson 20, January 20

I am determined to see.

Our minds are undisciplined and that is the reason we lack peace, joy, happiness.

Make the decision that you want to see.

Then remind yourself often of your decision to see.

Seeing does not mean looking through our physical body’s eyes but seeing means awakening to the Christ vision that has been given to all of us so we can see God everywhere and innocence in everyone.

Our body’s eyes show us limits and illusions that are made up of past beliefs.

Having the vision of Christ means we have released our narrow egotistical thinking that only see weakness and powerlessness everywhere.

When we have vision, we recognize the love that we are, that our brothers are, and the truth about all illusions.

This lesson is asking us whether we are willing to practice doing the lessons until we have achieved Christ’s vision.

This lesson is asking us if we will commit to following the lessons exactly as they are. They do work if you do what is asked of you in each lesson to train our undisciplined mind.

Overcome all resistance to seeing by having the willingness, desire, and persistence to follow each lesson.

Having determination is a prerequisite to having what we say we want to have.

Determination is a decision.

Determination is an intention.

Determination is an acknowledgment of our determination to see truth.

Determination is our commitment to staying on the path, focused on the singular goal of seeing, and having the consistent vigilance to deny any and all illusions and obstacles that appear in our world.

Remember to do each lesson every day. If you forget to do a lesson, however, simply recognize that forgetting is a form of resistance.

Forgetting to do a lesson is never a reason to beat yourself up with judgments.

Instead, view it as an opportunity to release more resistance, and an opportunity to take one more step in the direction of your freedom and determination to see.

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