Lesson 69, March 10

My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

Our grievances are what hides the light of the world from our awareness.

In yesterday’s lesson, we described how our grievances create the darkness that we see in the world.

Whenever we hold on to a grievance, it is a choice to dim and darken our light.

The purpose of today’s lesson is to let go of grievances so that our light can be revealed to us.

We are practicing to “reach the light in you” (2:1), which means to become aware of our True Self, what I refer to as the Inner Glow.

This is the part of our minds that is awake now and has always been awake.

The veil of darkness is keeping our sunshine hidden.

Our only goal, our one intention, our only need, our only purpose is to reach this light, that we may hold it up for everyone who is a seeker to see it.

The lesson tells us to think of the mind as a circle, surrounded by clouds.

Every cloud does have a silver lining, or bright light, and our acceptance of it, willingness to see it, and request of God for this will assuredly reveal the light to us.

Today we are determined to go past the clouds to reach the blazing white light hidden by them.

The clouds cannot stop us from reaching our goal.

Feel these clouds touch our faces. Hold on to the confidence that the light will shine brightly through these dark clouds.

Anything that we attempt with God must succeed.

Confidence means “with God.”

Rest in the assurance that by reaching out to God, and asking that your will be joined with His, that a response will be received by you.

Know that the power of the universe will meet our determination, willingness, and effort, and will help us to reach our intention.

Accept that only solutions now exist, and all problems and the past are gone.

God, I accept the light, knowing all is well.

Rest in God’s stillness and allow the darkness of all my problems and worries to disappear in the light.

All darkness passes through me unobstructed.

As I stop standing in the shadows, the light becomes visible to me.

God, I accept that this light in me is shining brightly and is now being revealed.

God, Your Will and my will, now be done.

I have God, and God is enough.

Thank You.