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Lesson 192, July 11

I have a function God would have me fill.

In heaven our function is to create by extending love.

Forgiveness is our one function on earth.

When we are unforgiving we are making real what does not exist.

Our mistaken beliefs and illusory, constricted perceptions can be undone with forgiveness.

Forgiveness can restore the peace that anger has stolen.

We can only free ourselves by releasing those whom we have held hostage with our anger and condemnation.

Our anger alone is what imprisons us.

There is no other power or cause.

But each time anger tempts us we can choose to see it as an opportunity to release instead of to bind.

We must learn a new habit of offering freedom over condemnation every time a shot of anger tempts us to find comfort in its chains of familiarity.

We must learn a new habit of joining with God’s voice instead of with the ego’s voice, which attacks upon feeling any irritation, therefore making illusions appear real.

The choice to attack and hold grievances makes us a jailer instead of God’s instrument of love, peace, and freedom.

We are always choosing between a high frequency of energy and a low frequency of energy.

Remember that by jailing even one brother it is only ourselves that we are imprisoning.

There is no one and nothing outside of mind.

Holy Spirit, thank you for an abundance of opportunities to teach only love and forgiveness to myself and my brothers.

Let me forgive my brother instead of holding him in prison along with myself.

Thank You, God, for each opportunity I am given to offer my brother his freedom.

Today, let me fulfill my one function to forgive.

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