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Lesson 110, April 20

I am as God created me.

We are in this moment whole and innocent.

The nothingness born of our mistaken beliefs has never changed a thing.

The past has not occurred and the future is brightly shining in the light of truth.

Separation never was, nor was loss, lack, or limitation.

We are the Self who is the Son of God, gracefully grateful for the Christ who is alive in us.

Throughout this day, we declare again and again with all of our hearts and mighty strength that we are as God created us.

Our word is the key that sets us free from the worthless idols that have taken up space in our attention.

We ask to know the Christ who lives in us.

The truth of acknowledging our Christ Self is heard and saves us from the idols that we alone have made that bring us only sorrow.

But there can be no more doubt or sorrow for the infinite Christ within us remains forever unchanged.

The love light that we are may be dim but it can never fail us.

In every moment let us declare ourselves to be pure and perfect and worthy of all good for we are always as whole and healed as God created us to be.

No illusion can ever undo the good that He has done, for we can only be the one true Self we have always been.

The truth is already so, it has always been that way.

What then could ever alter what only God and the Heavens could make?

We need never seek for love but merely ask for correction of what only we have sought to change.

As our minds receive the Holy Spirit’s correction, revealed is the changeless love that has and will always be.

For those of us who hold on to attack thoughts and small unworthiness, it is only ourselves who keep God’s heavenly guided voice out of our awareness.

Only we can make the choice to refuse to rest in God’s stillness, to refuse to listen to the truth which would correct all errors in our minds.

Only we can accept the truth that we already are as God created us.

Say, “No” to appearance and form that tempts us into believing that bodies and hatred are real.

Deny all attempts by the ego who uses the world of appearances to engender us to react in fearful attack.

We peacefully Now Rest in God, grateful for the awareness that we are still as God created us, brushing aside all of our doubt that rises in the face of appearances to the contrary.

We declare with quiet confidence that we are still as God created us.

No thing can change the truth.

Nothingness dissolves into dust.

You are as God created you.

We are as God created us.

I am as God created me.

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