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Lesson 115, April 25

(99) Salvation is my only function here.
(100) My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

Our only function is to forgive the world for all of our mistaken beliefs.

All of the different forms of our mistaken beliefs share the single root of our belief in separation.

The world we see represents our thoughts of being separate from God.

The world may appear to be a real place but in truth there is nothing outside of us.

All that we see is but some aspect of ourselves being reflected back to us.

Any form of sin that appears in the world is a projection of a judgment that we have made about ourselves.

Releasing the world that we see from all guilt and wrongdoing is our primary role.

Forgiveness in truth means releasing our projections.

The painful stories we think we are seeing are all coming from the thoughts in our own minds.

We can easily choose to see the innocence within and outside instead.

Choose to see only innocence and guilt and projection will dissolve.

Step back from seeing a world outside of our minds.

There is no world outside of our minds.

The world we see exists only in our minds.

The world we see is only a reflection of our thoughts and feelings.

Our thoughts of separation, loss, and lack are the blocks to love that keep us out of the flow of life.

God did not create separation or lack.

Separation and lack cannot be real.

Separation and lack are illusions that arise from the thoughts in our minds.

All I see is a part of me.

Forgive ourselves for holding on to thoughts about separation which create the guilt and projections that are keeping love out of our awareness.

Be willing to practice seeing innocence, connection, and wholeness in everyone and everything instead.

Get into the flow of life and all of our needs will be taken care of.

Peace comes from seeing innocence.

Practice changing our minds today.

Practice seeing only innocence in every moment.

The NRG steps to finding flow and peace:

Say “No” to any thought but innocence, connection, and wholeness.
Stop thinking.

Reach into your heart.
Faithfully listen to the heart.

Go in Gratitude with God.
Extend only love and light and gratitude.

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