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Lesson 27, January 27

Above all else, I want to see.

A few lessons ago we declared that we were determined to see things differently.

Now, we are declaring that not only are we determined to see, but that seeing is our number one priority.

And in order to see, we need to give up all of our attack thoughts.

Remember yesterday’s post, where attack thoughts were described in detail as any kind of thought that has a low vibration, one that is fear based, and that expresses a belief in illusions.

We need to rise above the pain of the injustices of life, the unfairness we may have been born into, the inequities that trouble us in our daily moments, and so forth.

At the lower levels of human energy, our split mind is begging us to attack someone or something.

We follow our temptations to attack, and eventually, after repeating this enough times, it becomes quite difficult to rise out of those lower frequencies.

If, however, we want to see above all else, then we must muster all of our courage and say no to the hypnotic dramatics and nothingness of attack thoughts. Recognize that they are only superficial and not at all real.

If it is hard to say no to the drama, or if we are sitting on the fence, then our determination is not sincere.

What might we be getting out of holding on to those painful fears?

We can learn to get back in control of our energies and our mental state, though it may take some practice initially.

Try bringing your fears into the light and connecting to them by recognizing them as stories your mind creates when your attention is on the world of appearances, and on judgmentally comparing your life with that of other people’s lives.

Learn, instead, to focus your attention on your heart space, keeping your focus within your body, closely observing the sensations your skin is receiving.

Focusing on receiving rather than on getting or needing something in the world of effects is a way of becoming more grounded in the present moment.

Becoming grounded within yourself is the antithesis of placing your energy and attention on getting lost in the smallness of the fears and lower vibrations of mental stories and the outer world of effects.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by fear and pain, more physical grounding, or embodiment is something that you may need to place more of your attention on, while learning to place less attention on the outside world.

Embodiment is the only way out of the pain. It is learning the lesson of pulling back our intense focus of attention on what other bodies are or aren’t being, doing, having, or saying.

It is one thing to mouth the words that “Nothing is Real except God,” Good. It is quite another thing to actually have the Vision to see past all the lower vibrations of bodies and the material world to instead notice the love and light that God, Good is.

If we are literally not seeing clearly then perhaps it is because we are looking at the people and things in the world without this Vision.

Maybe we have built up so many walls that we seemingly have become imprisoned and shut out from the energy of love that in truth surrounds each of us.

We may have become so used to accepting prison walls as our reality that we cannot remember anymore what it’s like to live outside this imprisoned self.

We may currently be accepting our fears as more real than God’s Love.

Gaining this awareness is life-changing because it brings the driving force of our hidden fears out into our awareness, which is the only place where we gain access to our power to make another choice.

We are making the choice to see truth or illusions.

We need to make that choice again and again until we can effortlessly see more with our hearts and less with our physical eyes.

This lesson is important in getting us to unearth all of our resistance to seeing with the Christ Vision.

We may continue to hold on to attack thoughts, but this lesson gives us the opportunity to look at them with greater awareness, and to know that they form the walls of our prison cell. This is what gives us a greater willingness to give them to the Holy Spirit for correction.

This lesson will help us to honestly recognize what our commitment has been to, either seeing through the ego with our bodies’ physical eyes or seeing with our hearts the love and light that shines from all that is.

Above all else this is what I want to see.

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