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Lesson 63, March 4

The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.

We each have the power to bring peace to every mind.

And not only do we each have this power, but it is our purpose to bring peace to every brother.

Is this not an awesome purpose that we have been given!?!

We usually ignore this God-given power because we have replaced our function of forgiveness with meaningless desires that leave us feeling like we are in hell.

Our small-minded interests are focused on requests and expectations for changes in others behaviors.

These are the demands, grievances, blaming, judging, and attacks against ourselves and our brothers that keep us in separation because they create guilt.

With a higher intention of forgiveness of our brothers, we can begin to release the guilt and unblock the flow of love that guilt placed between us.

Always remember that our function of being the light of the world is the source of our happiness, and that we have the power to bestow this light on both our brothers and on ourselves.

Release all anger, hatred, pettiness, and every other form of grievance that places bricks between your brother and you, preventing any of the naturally flowing love to reach either of you.

Forgiveness asks that we release all losses and illusions, recognizing them as the nothingness that they are.

We can never be separate or different from any of our brothers. All separation is an illusion.

Remember, your brother is not “out there” in the world because all that you see is happening only in your mind.

Remember to be the light that you are, and then call on your brothers to do the same.

Your function is to simply shine and love just as God shines and loves on everyone and everything alike.

As the light of the world, we bring peace to every mind through our forgiveness.

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