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Lesson 86, March 27

(71) Only God’s plan for salvation will work.

(72) Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.

(71) Only God’s plan for salvation will work.

If only God’s plan for salvation will work, then our own personal plans are failures, doomed from the start, just as are other people’s plans for us. Give up on all these other plans that haven’t worked yet, and never will. Just let them all go.

We can Now Relax and trust God’s plan.

What is God’s plan for salvation?

We only need but ask God for clarity and direction to show us what the next thing for us to do is.

Where would you have me go?
What would you have me do?
What would you have me say, and to whom?

If our only problem is separation, then the solution to this one problem is choosing to be in constant communication and connection with God, our Father.

We are also always joined by the field of love to all of our brothers. Joining always begins at the spiritual level of love, and never at the physical level of the body, which is actually the last level of manifestation.

Nothing is Real but God’s Love.

Carrying grievances teach us that we are bodies and deepens the illusion of the truth hidden within us.

Any distance between our brothers and ourselves can only exist first within our own projections, and that then is out-pictured as the projections that we see in the world.

We can never be apart from each other.

It is therefore meaningless to even notice what people or things in the world of appearances do or don’t do or say or don’t say.

What is not peaceful, loving, abundant, joined, and joyful does not really exist, however, if we are experiencing this projection, the cause is a misperception, a mistaken belief in our minds.

Our grievances of anger and attacks against the projections that we see only binds us closer to our ego and further from truth about the love and light that we are.

Our projections are only showing us split off parts of ourselves.

Ask God to help us undo and withdraw our projection and find peace instead by seeing it differently. This will allow us to reintegrate these split-off parts of our minds into our psyche.

Then just allow any painful feelings that arise to flow unobstructed through us.

We cannot change a projection.

We can only change the misperceptions that are in our minds.

And in truth, all that we need do is return to the power of God’s love that has always been in our minds, the only reality, and grow more open to accepting, receiving, extending, and focusing on God’s Love and Light.

Separation, loss, lack, and limitation cannot exist except within our own projections first, which are then out-pictured in the world as reflections of what is first in our minds.

Only a focus of our attention on the love, light, and laughter in our minds can empower us.

All focus needs to turn away from anyone or anything in the outside world for the one simple reason that it isn’t real, it isn’t there, it is only a projection, a dream (or a nightmare!).

(72) Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.

It is in the ego’s interest to keep us from finding salvation within ourselves, which it does by focusing attention on grievances that are outside of ourselves.

The truth, however, is that what is outside of ourselves is only a projection and is never the problem.

All that we point to in the world as being guilty or to blame for some problem that we appear to be having is in truth a witness reflecting our own sins, feelings of guilt, self-blame, and self-condemnation.

Grievances against the world blind and distract us from the salvation found only within ourselves.

Nothing in the world is to blame because it is only a projection, so we can stop feeling angry and lay down our lifelong conflicts.

Nobody is responsible for either our unhappiness or our happiness.

The grievances we carry against our families and friends, jobs and institutions, keep us from seeing the salvation in our own hearts.

Nothing in the world can save us, and so we need never depend on anyone or anything out in the world.

Going forward, there is only ourselves to depend on, the only reality which is that of our True Self

Whenever we are feeling unhappy or a need or grievance arises, it is because we are misperceiving our brothers or a situation. We can choose to be forgiving by responding to it with love because in truth whatever is not love is a call for love. We always have the power to respond with love. We already know that responding from the ego has never worked.

In every moment, we are always choosing “between an unreal illusion of a misperception and real salvation.”

Let’s stop defeating ourselves.

Carrying grievances are always a denial of God’s love.

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