Lesson 88, March 29

(75) The light has come.

(76) I am under no laws but God’s.

(75) The light has come.

Nothing is Real but God’s love and goodness.

Nothing is Real but God.

Nothing is Real but Good.

Only what is God is real; effects and appearances are never real but are only illusions that have no power, other than the power of our belief in their reality.

We can only be a victim of our false beliefs.

There is only what is real and what is not real, what exists and what does not exist.

Separation, pain, loss, lack, and limitation are not real.

There is nothing to fear.

Ask God to help us recognize the illusions in our world and then to help us to let the light replace all illusions.

“God, what do I need to know to grow out of this situation?” (don’t just pray to be free of the situation).

Turn all of your attention away from the body and the material.

Focus all of your attention only on God and the light.

The light of salvation is already here. We always choose between truth and illusion. Attack and grievances are not real and don’t exist.

Our experience of darkness is just an illusion, a nothingness; darkness and shadows don’t exist.

Light has no alternative.

Light is the only reality that exists.

Light is the only thing that is always already here.

(76) I am under no laws but God’s.

Nothing is Real but Good

God’s laws alone rule.

Other laws that appear to have power over us or that appear to affect us are only laws because of the power given away to them by our ego. We can suffer only because of our belief in them. They cannot affect us without our belief in them.

Suffering is not real.

Where dark shadows appear, let us claim the one reality of light.

All healing is inevitable because God’s laws rule.

Thank You, Father, for the reality of Your light.

All is good.