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Lesson 24, January 24

I do not perceive my own best interests.

Whenever we judge the results of any situation, it is in our interest to recognize that we are doing so with our own perception. A perception is never the truth, but is usually about smallness, weakness, and powerlessness.

Recognize that our perception of any situation is always limited because we can never see the whole entire big picture that is going on at all levels of existence.

We have been seeing through the eyes of our constantly changing ego mind which we have already decided in these lessons rarely sees what is changeless.

If we are judging from this limited awareness, how then can we be acting in our own best interests?

Our minds harbor many variations of conflicted goals, unresolved situations, and desired outcomes.

We want what we want when we want it.

But we don’t always recognize when our own demands and expectations are right for us.

Every moment of our lives is different from the preceding moment that is now past and will again be different from the upcoming future moment that has yet to come to pass.

That is why planning things ahead of time isn’t always the best thing to do. It often keeps us out of the present moment, which disempowers us because our innate God power is only accessible when we are totally present in the current moment of our lives.

Life is meant to be lived from one new moment to the next new moment.

There is a source of wisdom moving through us that will rightly guide us in every instance. However, in order to hear this wisdom, we must take a step back, we need to be still, and we need to keep an open mind.

This is easily done when we can remember the one constant that is our True Identity.

The intention of this lesson is to open our minds so that we can stop doing what doesn’t work and do only what does work.

What works is allowing every moment of our lives to be guided by the Holy Spirit, because, alone and by ourselves, we cannot know what is in our own best interests.

Good exists in every instance, whether or not we are aware of it.

Every crisis contains an opportunity.

We can help ourselves to have a better experience in every moment, regardless of what is happening, by recognizing that we don’t always perceive our own best interests.

We are, however, always free to affirm that “Now, Really Good things are happening.”

The best time to affirm this is anytime, but it is especially useful to affirm whenever things aren’t going as planned.

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