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Lesson 26, January 26

My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.

Our fear thoughts are being projected which makes us fearful of being attacked, and so we always attack ourselves first.

Seeing that we can be attacked, makes us feel vulnerable, and soon we begin to see ourselves as who we are not. We see ourselves as weak and so create an image of ourselves that replaces the reality of who we are as the Son of God.

This attack on ourselves began with just a thought.

We can only be attacked if we are holding on to attack thoughts.

What are attack thoughts?

They are the thoughts created by our ego that keep us out of peace and show us being separate from our Father. These thoughts include but are not limited to vulnerability, invulnerability, grievances, fear, anger, guilt, worthlessness, not good enough, worry, seeing harm, weakness, sickness, addictions, depression, loneliness, obsessions, condemnation, unhappiness, boredom, doubt, blame, lack, revenge, frustration, yelling, expectations, needs, wants, wishes, thinking we are better or worse than another, discomfort, imbalance, stress, not taking responsibility, defenses, protections, and so forth.

It is worth repeating: We can only be attacked if we are holding on to attack thoughts.

Holding any kind of attack thoughts in our minds is harmful to ourselves!

Your worries, concerns, and stresses are not coming from the outside world but can only be generated by the way that you are thinking.

And that is why doing these lessons every day is so important so that we become conscious creators. We need to stop creating the pain and problems that we have come to accept as normal in our lives!

They are not!

Having attack thoughts in our minds is toxic! It is not good for our physical or mental health, not for our relationships, not for our work productivity, not for our finances, etc.

Holding attack thoughts keeps us on a very low vibration energetically, meaning that we magnetize negative, victimizing circumstances to us that we would be better off doing without.

Our lives begin and end in our minds.

Get out of the hypnotic mental sleep you may have been in for most of your life.

Grow conscious and awake. Be aware of every sensation, feeling, thought, and action.

Become conscious of who you are as Spirit, Love, Light, and as the reflection of God, all good.

Extend the love that you are, shine the light that has always been inside you.

When you are conscious, you will recognize that you can no longer hold onto attack thoughts because of one simple reason: It feels lousy! It just doesn’t feel good!

So the next time that you feel anything less than joyful and happy, you can be sure it is because you are holding on to some form of attack thoughts.

Stop doing that to yourself!

You are not a victim of anyone or anything and you never have been, nor could you be a victim.

You are doing it to yourself.

Just stop.

Change your mind by making it a constant practice to give to the Holy Spirit in your mind every thought you have of attack or of being attacked, for both are the same. Ask that these unreal, fearful thoughts all be undone so that you can finally stop living in darkness.

Whatever arouses concern, fear, worry, or any kind of vulnerability and separation in you or in someone else is what you need to bring to the Holy Spirit for correction. Hand it over as many times as it takes, so that you can be free from ever having your peace become disturbed again.

We cannot perceive attack of any kind if that form of attack hadn’t first originated in our minds.

Isn’t it a miracle to know that however long we have been holding on to mistaken beliefs, that we can stop scaring ourselves by choosing to change our minds with the help of the Holy Spirit in our minds?

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