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Lesson 46, February 15

God is the love in which I forgive.

God has never condemned so what need could He have for forgiveness?

Those who forgive are released from illusions, but those who refuse to forgive become bound to illusions.

And since we can condemn only ourselves, then we have only ourselves to forgive.

Fear condemns, but love forgives and undoes what fear has created.

Forgiveness is salvation for it dissolves illusions and returns our mind to the awareness of God.

Forgiveness is complete or not at all, but it can never be just a little.

Light and Love hold no grievances. Nothing is Real but God’s Love and Light.

Ego is nothingness. It is simply nothing at all. And since it is fear which is no thing, then I have no cause ever to fear because I can never be hurt or suffer.

There is no one and no thing that I ever need to fear.

I am repeating this lesson’s saying while naming various family members who appeared to have betrayed me in the past. But like condemnation, neither betrayal, nor the past exist.

There is only the existence of one power, God.

And although I have condemned God quite a bit over the years, I am feeling a big sense of relief that I can let go of the burden that I feel from holding on to so much anger and condemnation.

I am puzzled though, when I think back on an incident at work and how furious I became when I appeared to be bullied. I recognized that I must still be holding on to quite a load of unforgiving thoughts. Although I do think it was such an overreaction because of the longevity of the problem.

I used the incident to become aware of so many more hidden thoughts I hold of being a victim. I am asking the Holy Spirit in my mind to correct these many thoughts that I hang on to and to transform my mind so that I can be free of these ideas that I still carry of victimhood, powerlessness, and helplessness.

I really am ready to let go of all these heavy burdensome grievances from the past.

God is the love in which I forgive.

An example using this lesson is If Spirit moves us to speak but we hold back out of a fear of speaking, then we are limiting our willingness to follow God’s lead. Our fear of making waves causes us to withdraw.

And even if we feel that others will condemn us, it can only be self-condemnation.

Recognize our own innocence as well as the need to forgive ourselves.

And In the light of God’s love, we can feel comforted by the truths expressed by this lesson, recognizing the condemnation only as an illusion, a trick played on our minds by the ego.

Thank You, God for the gift of this lesson. Amen.

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