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Lesson 72, March 13

Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.

The ego’s plan is always an attempt to destroy God’s plan because it wants to replace God, which it does with its focus on the body.

The grievances that we hold almost always concern matters related to personalities, bodies, behaviors, stories, and words.

Personalities, bodies, behaviors, stories, and words reflect what a person does but not what a person is. That is an attack on God because only God is real, and every person is a reflection of God.

Grievances, however, insist that the body is real.

The ego says God is responsible for our grievances.

But all attention on the body is designed to drown out the Voice of Truth.

Who we are is an awareness, which is our natural state, but it is unavailable to us when we are focused on the body and the body’s limitations, lacks, and idolizing.

A Course in Miracles is training our minds to recognize our natural state as love and light, and nothing more.

Bodies, personalities, stories, and behaviors are tools that the ego uses to distract our minds away from God.

Holding anything against another person is a grievance we need to release.

We also cannot see ourselves as separate from any person because that means we are separating ourselves from God.

We see in other people a reflection of what we refuse to accept in ourselves. But we need to simply recognize our own personality and behavior, not as who we are but as aspects of ourselves that we have falsely identified with.

These are the blocks that hide the light.

We have forgotten that we are always whole and One.

We have forgotten that our Self is separate from the body.

Seeing who we are as separate from the body is to end the attack on God’s plan for salvation, and to accept God’s plan for salvation instead.

We need to become aware of all of these grievances and separating thoughts and lay them down, one by one, by taking them to the Holy Spirit for purification.

By accepting God’s plan for salvation, we recognize that His plan is already accomplished.

But we don’t recognize God’s plan because we are too busy screaming about grievances.

Decide now to replace all attack on God’s plan in the form of grievances with a total acceptance of God’s plan.

Today’s lesson has us asking God what salvation is so we can recognize what is already so.

We will ask God, not ego, what salvation is so that we can have a better understanding of it, and then we wait with determination to receive His answer.

Repeat your request until your answer is received.

If we ask we will always receive an answer.

Salvation is the same as happiness.

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