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Lesson 83, March 24

(65) My only function is the one God gave me.

(66) My happiness and my function are one.

(65) My only function is the one God gave me.

Our function is our identity and our purpose.

We are the awareness of love, light, peace, and happiness.

This awareness is constant and changeless, always flowing.

If we are not feeling happy or peaceful it is because we are not fulfilling our function.

When we are not fulfilling our function we are rejecting ourselves.

Recognizing we have no function other than the one God gave us releases us from all conflict.

Conflicting goals where we find it difficult to make a choice fill us with doubt, stress, and uncertainty.

But all doubt dissolves when we acknowledge forgiveness as our only function.

Which goal we choose is not as important as is remembering our one goal of forgiveness, which puts everything else in order.

Making peacefulness our one priority, brings ease and simplicity to the decision-making process.

Choose forgiveness over anger or irritation, and we will always know, “What to do, where to go, what to say, who to say it to, and what to think.”

(66) My happiness and my function are one.

Our function is one with our happiness because they come from the same Source.

To find happiness, we need to recognize what makes us happy.

If we can choose peace over grievances, we can be happy.

Like forgiveness, happiness is a choice.

No situation can ever affect us.

The only way we can find happiness is by fulfilling our function of forgiveness.

Only in the quiet peacefulness of forgiveness, which is the release of everyone and everything from our demands and expectations, can we find a happiness that lasts.

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