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Lesson 120, April 30

(109) I rest in God.
(110) I am as God created me.

A Course in Miracles is a path to move us out of confusion, conflict, chatter, and chaos to the perfect calm and confidence that comes with knowing our true identity and being peaceful, innocent, connected, and whole.

It is the path of moving from a life that isn’t working to living a life that works.

Life works as we let God do His work through us as His clear communication channels.

We are already clear as God created us, so there is nothing that we need to fear, fix, or figure out.

We are already innocent, whole, complete, and perfect exactly as we are now.

All we need to do is to drop all of our disbelief and doubt that tells us this is not yet the truth.

We let the lies go when we put a stop to our habit of telling God who we are and what we need.

Learn instead to accept who He is trying to tell us we are.

Accept all that He is giving us each day.

What we think we want is no more than nothingness, because it has no value other than the value our ego has given to it.

The Holy Spirit is telling us to Stop, say “No” to what the ego wants, and then be still and open our minds and hearts to have the willingness to receive what God is giving us.

It is already ours. But first we need to accept what we have already been given.

Only a calm, quiet, receptive mind can receive all that God wants to give His son without being blocked by the ego’s unfounded needs and made up stories.

Practice stopping, getting still, slowing down, and saying, “No” to the ego’s desires.

Open to Now Receive what God is giving us.

A quiet mind has little need to interpret or think, for in stillness the truth of peace can be heard.

In the peace we can stop assigning our own meaning to all that is.

There is no foundation for our own interpretations and judgments.

Step back and ask God to tell us what everything we see means.

Instead of reacting as if we have any knowledge we are being asked to remain empty, clear, and open, so we can listen to God’s truth instead.

It matters not what illusion is going on.

We can either interpret the illusion and join with the ego or ignore the illusion and join with our Father.

All of the dramas and illusions we encounter arise from our choice to Not Rest in God.

Not Resting in God is the choice to perceive illusion as truth, as reality.

As we keep saying no to reacting to dramas, the dramas, that initially were neutral will dissolve on their own.

All illusion is the opportunity to not react but instead remain in God’s peaceful presence.

The choice is ours to place our faith in the thoughts and dramas we created, or, to place our faith in the truth that was created by God.

Stop making decisions alone.

Ask in every moment where to go, what to do, what to say, and to whom.

Be still and listen to the truth.

Now Rest and Relax in God, as God created us, and Go with God, to the love, laughter, and light that we are.

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