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Lesson 61, March 2

I am the light of the world.

This lesson is a declaration of our only function in the world, which is to simply shine.

We shine inclusively, like the sun shines, unconditionally on everyone and on everything. We are one with our brothers in this Love Light, all shining as One Son, or, Sun. We are all an expression and an extension of our Father’s Love Light.

We are God’s warm and bright light, pure and remaining untouched by anything. Nothing can ever darken what was designed to shine.

We need but accept this as our one true function.

There is nothing more we need to do in order to have this function and nothing can obstruct our God-given function to shine our light.

Each one of us was equally born being worthy of this one function.

At times when we may not be feeling happy it is because we are walking hand in hand with the ego. We are thinking mistaken thoughts. There can be no other reason for our light to grow dim.

We have temporarily forgotten our function, even during times where we are feeling the long dark night of the soul.

In such moments, it is best to experience all of the dark thoughts and emotions that arise and then take a step back, giving each one to the Holy Spirit who will correct and purify each one in our minds.

It is so simple. There is nothing complicated about our function.

We need to remember that fulfilling our function of being the light of the world is what allows us to experience God’s will for us which is perfect happiness.

All we are asked to do is to accept our God-given function as the Light of the world, and then just shine!

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