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Lesson 4, January 4

These thoughts do not mean anything.
They are like the things I see in this room
[on this street, from this window, in this place].

This lesson is showing us that the thoughts in our minds are things just the same as the material forms that our eyes see in the world are also things.

We are asked to recognize that whether something is invisible or visible has no bearing on the fact that neither holds any meaning.

Funny how we take our thoughts so seriously, and how we allow these thoughts to drive our moods and reactions. We believe whatever our thoughts are telling us without questioning them.

Now, we are told to turn around 180 degrees and to Stop listening to our thoughts, and instead to recognize the meaninglessness of these thoughts, both positive and negative alike.

What’s more is that this lesson tells us that these meaningless thoughts are covering up our real thoughts. Obviously, we cannot access our real thoughts when our mind is cluttered with thoughts that have no meaning.

How much of our life energy are we wasting by ascribing meaning to thoughts in our minds and to thoughts about things in the world when the reality is that they don’t have any meaning at all?

Because thoughts are a creative substance, we are doing ourselves a disservice if we continue to listen to and believe and be affected by our meaningless thoughts.

What will be revealed beneath the clutter of thoughts with no meaning is the love that has become obscured.

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