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Lesson 23, January 23

I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.

The world you see is not real because it is made up of attack thoughts that are in your mind.

The world can never change because the world is only an effect. But you can change your thoughts about the world, and in doing so, the world as an effect must automatically change to reflect the new cause your new thoughts.

If you think you are trapped by some condition in your life, this lesson will show you the falseness behind that way of thinking because your thoughts are always causing the effects that you see.

Any cause can create a different effect in any moment.

So many of us have become so hypnotized by having repeating our problems and stories both to others and to ourselves for so long that we can no longer see how they could possibly not be true.

To be happy, to be healed, to know your wholeness, you must give up your attack thoughts, you must give up the stories of believing that at any time your peace has been disturbed.

Whether we are being attacked or we are attacking, it makes no difference, for they are one and the same.

Until you give up your problem, you will be stuck with your problem.

Unless all you are looking for is the temporary emotional relief that sharing stories brings you.

If that is what you want, you can continue to talk about your story to your friends, to your therapist, to the bartender, or to your neighbors.

But if peace is what you want, then you need to just let go of all desire to tell your story over and over, or even one more single time.

Just stop now.

Besides, has telling the same story ever helped you to find any kind of lasting peace?

Or do you remain trapped in the endless anger, blame, and resentments that holding on to a story seems to generate?

If your story is about the past, then please recognize that the past is over.

And if the past is over, the only place that your story could still be alive is coming from the thoughts in your mind.

Your mind is continuing to create the images of separation that you see in the world.

Any thought of loss or separation is an attack thought because it forms an image of God’s son as being small, weak, and powerless.

If love is all that is real, then how could loss or separation be real?

You are holding on to attack thoughts and that is the only reason why you are seeing their reflection of smallness in your life. That is what projection is.

Thoughts are veils covering up the love that is the only thing that is real.

These are mistaken thoughts created by your ego.

Own the cause of your story as originating in your mind.

Ask the Holy Spirit to look with you at the thoughts that make up your attack story, and then ask Him to shine the light of love on these erroneous thoughts.

Recognize every thought as either belonging to love or to attack.

Recognize that your mind is the source of an attack thought, because in truth, you can never be attacked.

Notice every attack thought in your mind, and then, decide that you no longer want this, and then turn it over to the Holy Spirit in your mind, asking that it be replaced with the true thoughts of love and truth.

When your desire for peace is so strong that you can no longer be hypnotized by your attack thoughts, these thoughts will no longer be veils that are covering up the world that love made.

Imagine a glass full of muddy water. See the cleansing Light of Love as it displaces all of the dirty water of illusions with the clear, refreshing, transparent water of Love Light.

Both in yourself or in anyone else, stop identifying with any pain and all problems, because these are only the ego’s needs and fears. They are all born out of mistaken, false beliefs that could never be true.

As you identify with the stillness and strength of love, you will join with the Holy Spirit and with your brothers.

Only then will you be purified so you can receive the guidance to be helpful that you have been seeking.

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