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Lesson 190, July 9

I choose the joy of God instead of pain.

In the past, and still in the present, more often than not, we have chosen pain over peace, joy, and happiness.

When we are experiencing pain, it is a sign that we are believing or buying into illusions.

Only our thoughts can have an effect on us because there is no cause other than our thoughts.

There is nothing outside of ourselves, therefore, there is no cause aside from ourselves.

No one and nothing but our thoughts can ever affect us.

The world that we live in is but a representation of our thoughts.

The world has no power!

The only power is the thoughts in our minds that creates the world we live in.

We have an inner radiant self that yearns to expand in radiating circles moving from our hearts outwards to all the world.

This true self is who we are, but which has seemed to almost disappear beneath the loud and painful cries of our louder ego’s personality. So loud and demanding, that we tend to forget it is not who we are.

We have been identifying for so long with a self built around nothingness that we have forgotten who we really are.

When we are feeling pain, we are asleep in illusions and unaware of truth.

When we are feeling happy, it is because we are awake and aware of love’s truth.

The choice for Heaven or hell is always ours to make.

When we are in pain, we need to move past it by allowing it to have its full expression. We do this simply by feeling it as fully as possible, without reacting to it. Stay out of our heads and just allow the experience to move through us.

Pain becomes a problem only when we stop ourselves from fully feeling the energy that wants to be experienced.

Chances are that our pain has been suppressed for longer than we can remember. Pain is simply an ephemeral human experience that needs to be felt fully and then it leaves. It is but energy moving through our system, and as such, the only optimal response to pain is to not block it but to fully feel it.

There is so much to write on pain, that a book is needed to cover it all rather than one short blog entry.

Above all else we need to realize that we need never feel guilty for the pain we experience, only responsible.

Remember, that we are not our bodies but that our thoughts created our bodies.

In all circumstances and situations, we can only have two responses, either peace, love, appreciation, and happiness, or, resistance, rejection, pain, and dislike.

Each choice creates a different consequence, which ultimately out pictures as the world we live in.

In every moment, stay conscious and choose the peace and joy of God.

I choose the joy of God instead of pain.

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