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Lesson 148, May 28

My mind holds only what I think with God.
(135) If I defend myself I am attacked.
(136) Sickness is a defense against truth.

All of my thoughts are the blocks to love’s flow.

They are a defense against the truth.

Anything that is other than from God is an unloving lie created by our wish to be separate.

All of our defenses are the ways we attack ourselves.

Do nothing when attacked.

Reacting to an attack only serves to firm up the attack, giving it an illusory reality, and unnecessarily trapping more of our precious energy within it. And the less access we have to our energy, the more prone we are to becoming sick.

Doing nothing when attacked can be extraordinarily challenging for so many of us who have spent our lives in reactivity mode.

We can, however, learn to lighten up and just listen to the attack. Step back from the hardened world of defenses that we have created.

Then, just listen.

Be still and know the truth, instead.


Some of us need to take a few giant steps back because we have become so defended behind the wall we have built for ourselves.

Trust the path.

We cannot lose what is ours.

We are here for a reason.


Become open in mind and heart.

In our defenselessness lies our safety.

There is no need for any kind of protection, only the need to recognize our humility and humbleness.

The problems that we focus on are not real. By focusing on them, we are making them real, giving away our precious energy to them. By agreeing with their reality, we are keeping ourselves in the victim’s role.

We are not victims.

We have everything because we are in God.

We remain as God created us.

We are safe in His love.

Allow Him to do His work through us.

Stop interfering in God’s Plan for us.

Get off the reactivity see-saw.

Remain centered in the love that is always found at the neutral center.

Learn to respond to everyone and everything with laughter, love, and lightness.

Stay focused on heaven and in gratitude.

Let our minds hold only what we think with God.

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