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Lesson 40, February 9

I am blessed as a son of God.

Our identity as the son of God is made clear in today’s lesson.

We are what God is because we are an extension of God, each of us made in His image.

We all share the same qualities with each other and with God.

All of us are equally blessed with each of these qualities, not just some of us.

Some of these qualities that we share are being Peaceful, Loving, Light, Laughing, Happy, Confident, Calm, Content, Certain, and having a Quiet Mind.

To return our minds to the experience of this truth, we need to focus as much of our attention as we can throughout the day on accepting our true identity. This lesson asks us to remember every ten minutes.

We absolutely need to stop giving our attention to the false and to illusions.

Just stop. Say no. Deny the existence of illusions and they will dissolve without the food of our attention feeding them. Our attention is what gave them life, gave them an existence. Now, we are redirecting our mind, making a U-turn on the highway of our lives. It only requires us to make the decision to do so.

God loves us unconditionally, whether we remember or not. We, too, need to remember that regardless of our or another’s behavior, we can shine our Love Light on all unconditionally.

God doesn’t care what we have or haven’t done, nor whether or not we accept His love. His love is always pouring out to us.

So, too, is it our function to shine, to glow, upon all unconditionally, without judgment.

To judge is to reject, and God never rejects but only accepts and embraces all that is.

We are all Powerful, for we each share God’s power to create.

Having power means two things, one, that we must take responsibility, and two, that we must stop waiting and begin taking the first step.

Having the power to create means there is never reason to blame or to get angry.

We always have the power to create anew, instead, although we may not have always been aware of our power to create for a good part or even for most of our lives.

With this lesson we lay to rest our old outmoded identity of powerlessness, smallness, fearfulness, and worthlessness.

Now we know who we are.

We are not separate or alone, but we are One with Love, with God, with our brothers.

We disengage from all that is not true and remain a quiet, calm, brightly shining light of love regardless of the illusion that happens to be making a guest appearance. It will soon enough disappear to the degree that we recognize it as the nothingness that it is and remain strong and alert in refusing to interact with it.

Never, ever react to an illusion, but always keep calm and poised. Peace is our nature.

Become imperturbable.

Have a habit of enjoying all that is going on from one moment to the next moment.

Live in the present moment, simply noticing and observing without becoming engaged.

Listen to God and to your heart, but stop listening to the thoughts streaming through your mind.

Enjoy the present instead.

Enjoy being blessed as the son of God.

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