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Lesson 34, February 3

I could see peace instead of this.

This lesson reminds me of a song that we sang in church that starts, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

Since all that we see in our outer world is a projection of our thoughts, then we want to go within to choose the right thoughts.

Have peace-filled thoughts and the images that you see will be of peace.

What we experience begins from the invisible feelings and thoughts we have inside and flows outward to the visible world of form outside.

Too often, we are swept away by outer worldly situations that we think have the power to take our peace away.

This is the status quo way of seeing the world. However, A Course in Miracles is showing us that it is a waste of time and effort to attempt to change anyone or to try to fix any situation that appears in our world.

There is nothing out there in the world of appearances.

Everything in our world is first coming from our minds.

When the state of our minds is peaceful, the world we perceive will be peaceful.

Heal our minds first, and all solutions needed for our perceived problems will appear before our eyes.

Before we can perceive peaceful situations as ours in the world of appearances, we must begin to have peace in our minds and hearts and bodies.

Peace is a quality of God. We learned in an earlier lesson that God is in our minds, therefore we already have all of God’s qualities including the quality of peace.

We only need to accept the presence of peace that already exists within us.

If you have a situation in which you are not experiencing peace, it can only be that the peace that is already there has been buried and covered over by something that is not of peace.

Practicing this lesson will bring us closer to experiencing our authenticity, our True Christ self.

Search our minds for situations that evoke fear, anxiety, lack of love, irritation, pain, unhappiness, worry, concern, distress, or anger.

These situations reflect the barriers that you have created that are keeping love hidden from your perception.

These are the situations that have caused you to lose your peace, but today’s lesson is showing you instead, to be grateful for these situations because they are pointing out areas where you need to change your mind. Be grateful you are now aware of this opportunity.

Accept these situations now only as an opportunity you have in this moment to make a new choice.

Recognize that you have a choice to see any situation differently.

Realize that you no longer need to lose your center of peace anymore, ever again.

Release your frustration and anger.

Be determined to see peace instead.

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