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Lesson 73, March 14

I will there be light.

Our ego’s powerless and meaningless thoughts of idle wishes create the unreality of darkness and nothingness that bring us only pain, despair, and emptiness.

Idol wishes create the appearances we see in the world, and grievances are what sustain and increase those illusions.

This is not the world that God created.

However, our images of the world can only reflect what is in our minds.

Guilt and grievances are what darken our minds.

Today we let all of our grievances and guilt go by joining our will with God’s, determined to behold the light.

Choose and assert the happiness in our minds for our will is creative and powerful like that of our Father.

Salvation is another word for happiness.

We can be happy or be attacking, but never both.

Stop the attack and our natural state as being light is what must be reflected.

It doesn’t take time because there is no time.

Just be happy from the inside out, for no reason at all.

Trust that all is well and all is perfectly taken care of in every complete moment, which in truth it always is.

See only light in ourselves and we will see only light in each other.

We can identify with one or the other, light or darkness, but never both.

Our willingness to see the light is a habit that we can choose again and again.

Use all problems and darkness as opportunities to anchor the light in our minds.

We have all the power that we need to will this light, and gracefully give up all else.

Let us will that there be light and nothing more.

Allow our love and light to radiate in all directions beaming like the sun equally on all, a lighthouse that dissolves all darkness it shines upon.

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