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Lesson 178, June 27

God is but love and therefore so am I.
(165) Let not my mind deny the Thought of God.
God is but love and therefore so am I.
(166) I am entrusted with the gifts of God.
God is but love and therefore so am I

With every thought of death and fear, we are using our minds to deny who we are.

God is love and we are a reflection of His Love and Light.

We allow Love to freely flow through us whenever we make the choice to align with God rather than with our ego’s thoughts of fear, attack, and death.

But we deny our true identity whenever we accept as true ideas, conditions, and states that reflect our ego’s darkness and constricted energy.

We also deny our true identity whenever we refuse to love or receive or include or fully feel and experience whatever is here, now a part of our present content.

Open up our hearts fully to whatever is here in our lives. Receive the gift that it is offering. Our resistance to honoring what’s here is only serving to block those gifts from being fully experienced by us.

All resistance is a judgment, and it literally creates a wall that prevents love from getting through to us.

We are in truth resisting our own creations because all that we experience in the world is a mirror of what we have first experienced in our thoughts and feelings.

When we keep bringing our energy and attention up into our minds or focused tightly on our thoughts, we are defending against feeling our feelings. This will create fatigue, constricted energy, and more problems.

The only thing that works is bringing our energy and attention down into our bodies, to fully feel the sensations on our skin and the pockets of stuck energy in our bodies.

We are never a victim of the world we see.

We can only be a victim of the thoughts we hold that attack and deny the truth about the love that we are.

Someone once said that to be sick, or “ill” is really a state in which “I Lack Love.”

Both lack and limitation are distorted states of love, expressions that were created from denying the existence and power of love.

But be careful not to fall into the trap of guilt.

Just recognize that our thoughts are in need of correction by the Holy Spirit and that we are in need of forgiving ourselves.

Ask God for the clarity and confidence we need so that we can begin to share and extend the love that we have been given, and the love that we are.

We give God’s gifts of love and light that we have received so that we can fully experience these gifts for ourselves. God’s gifts were given to us for the purpose of giving them away. And until we do extend love, we will fail to experience love for ourselves.

Holy Spirit, help me to turn my attention away from all appearances occurring in time and space. Help me instead, to focus on God and His qualities of love, light, laughter, happiness, life energy, blessings, fulfillment, abundance, companions, expression, trust, wholeness, order, and divine empowerment.

All of these desires already exist, however, we can only begin to experience them when we stop aligning with lack of love and start aligning with God’s love.

Accept what is here, now, both in our world as well as in our emotional experience.

Let not our minds deny the Thought of God.

God is but love and therefore so are we.

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