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Lesson 111, April 21

(91) Miracles are seen in light.
(92) Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.

Holy Spirit, we place these thoughts God gave to us, in our minds to be used wisely by Him who placed them there.

Reflect on these ideas every half hour today, relating them to our needs, concerns, perceived problems, and everything else we do throughout our day.

Leave nothing out.

We are bringing light to our unconscious, conditioned, frozen, walled off sleeping ways.

We are using A Course in Miracles to awaken.

We are asking for the light of truth to shine on the darkness in our minds and hearts so that we may have the vision to see the innocence, peace, love, and joy that has always been there.

Vision is the way we see with God’s eyes.

We see with vision whenever we overlook the unreality that the body’s physical eyes show us.

We ask to know God’s healing, happy light.

We long for this light to reveal the secret sins that we have hidden in the darkness.

All of our darkness is there by our design, created by our mistaken beliefs of unworthiness, separation, guilt, and weakness.

We fear secrets no more, however, but watch as the darkness of nothingness dissolves in the light.

Moment to moment, we now invite into our minds God’s light as our strength and our priority.

As we open to this light of love in every moment, God shines more light into our minds to dispel the darkness that once was.

And in God’s light, we find the strength to accept the truth that undoes all of our mistaken beliefs.

Inviting and accepting God’s light and strength brings us miracles of peace, joy, and happiness.

Seeing separation is only a sign that we have forgotten to invite and accept the light into our minds.

Thank You, Father, for your vision that we may now see the light of wholeness and innocence wherever we look.

Thank You for Your light and strength.

Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.

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